2016-09-09 - Finding your dress at the right price for you

When starting to look for your wedding dress, sadly one of the most important things to consider is your budget. Firstly you have to consider what you can afford to spend, but you should also consider a realistic price for wedding dresses. We speak to a lot of brides, and brides can be suprised that boutiques do not generally stock dresses for less than £700. If there are a couple of samples for less than this then choice is more limited.

The dresses that we stock at the boutique are quality wedding dresses, made with beautiful materials, hand beaded and laced. When you consider how much material and work goes into each of these dresses all the way from design to it being your wedding dress, the price makes a lot more sense. Finding out a realistic price of wedding dresses before setting the budget for the whole wedding can be really helpful. Also having an open mind when it comes to the style and design. Though it is important to enjoy the process and look at pictures online, try not to decide on an exact type of dress you want before you try dresses on. This allows you to consider how a dress looks on you, and how you feel in the dress, rather than how a dress looks on a model. Our brides are often very suprised by what they like and as an estimate 90% of our brides leave with something very different to what they had in their mind before they came in.

It is unfortunate that even the dresses designed for curvier ladies are generally not promoted by designers on models above a size 18. This is why here at Perfect Princess Bridal we take every opportunity to show you wedding dresses on real ladies that are all shapes, sizes and heights. We make sure that at our catwalk shows we only showcase curvy, real, women so you can get a better idea of your own shape and see different ideas and options that are available to you. You are likely to be pleasantly suprised by how a more fitted dress looks on you, and how curvier brides can so good in them.

At our boutique the prices of our wedding dresses range quite dramatically, we have dresses available from £900 to £2200. As we are the only exclusively plus size bridal boutique in the South West we are able to stock a huge selection. So regardless of your budget we will always be able to find you something that you will love and feel absolutely amazing in.

So, when you come in to the boutique we ask about your budget so that we are able to help you in your search. We do not want you to fall in love with a dress that you can't afford, but at the same time, you do not want to limit your choice if you don't have to. Also, do not forget the price of alterations and any accessories such as underwear and veils.

By knowing your budget before you enter the boutique we can offer you the best possible service.

If you are looking for dresses under our advertised price range, then we do always have some samples available from £700, though sizing and choice is limited. Coming into the boutique with an open mind really helps you find your perfect dress.

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