2016-07-03 - Choose your wedding dress early and let it inspire your whole wedding look.

Often when brides come to the boutique they have an idea in mind about what they are looking for. This is often done after finding the wedding venue and deciding on styling and decorations. This however can often limit the choices available to these brides, and sometimes can even result in not choosing the dress they love because 'it does not fit with the wedding'.

Ordering your wedding dress can take up to 5 to 6 months, and then a month after that is needed for alterations, and any bespoke work you may want done to the dress. We therefore advise starting to look for your wedding dress a year before your wedding. Though it can be done at a later date, this does allow for enough time to try on a number of dresses before making your final decision. Don’t forget too that bridal boutiques get very busy, especially at weekends, so even though 3 months feels like a long time to be looking, you can be waiting a good couple of weeks to get everyone together and get an appointment.

With this in mind why not consider finding your wedding dress first, before your styling and decorations are decided upon. Though some venues lend themselves to certain styles such as 'shabby chic', 'glamour' or 'country' many venues can be transformed into what you love through thoughtful wedding decorations and styling. Find the dress that you love and then base your style around your perfect wedding dress. Glitzy ball-gown styles lend themselves to a glamorous or sparkly wedding theme, while simpler sheath styles can be more suited to a more romantic look.

Whatever dress you love you should be able to chose without the restriction on style – and the only way to guarantee not being disappointed by not being able to choose a specific wedding dress is by making it your number one priority and choosing it first. Leaving a wedding dress choice to the last 'cherry on top' can sometimes be more difficult with order times, and some wedding dress designers take longer to come in than others. The sooner you choose, the more choice that is available to you.

Having said all this, a recurring theme at our boutique is that a bride leaves it to the last minute to choose her dress. As a plus size specialist we see so many brides and they talk about how they wanted to wait until they have lost a couple of dress sizes, lost a little weight, toned up certain areas, or were too nervous to come in and eventually had to get it sorted. The majority of these brides say to me that they wish they had come in sooner, not worried so much about it and having built themselves up into a state of stress and anxiety. When you find the right dress you will not care about that last couple of pounds, or looking your absolute thinnest. You will feel perfect as you are!!

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