2016-02-11 - A bride's perspective

One of our gorgeous brides, Camille, got married last month. We asked if she would mind writing a review for us so we could share her experience with you. We received this email, and we have to say we were so touched by it. As a bride to be myself who struggled to want to find my dress, let alone actually go and find it, everything she says really means a lot and we were so so glad we could help.

I am so happy that we could make a difference for Camille, and other brides we have worked with, and hope that we can continue to make the experience of buying the perfect wedding dress as wonderful as possible!

Thanks Camille for your kind words:

Lynn, Lynn, Lynn where can I possible start?! Finding you and your Perfect Princess Bridal shop was the best thing that ever happened to me leading up to my wedding day.

I had been convinced that I definitely only wanted a wedding dress from the high street, having been put off wedding shops when helping search for a wedding gown for a friend just over a year ago. She had faced a similar experience to the one that was awaiting me. However, after discovering no wedding gown from the high street was going to live up to my expectations I was forced to turn to 'proper' wedding shops - and re live my nightmare experience from shopping with my friend.

I was told again and again that I had left it too late to find a dress (I only had a few months until the big day) and moreover, I was made to feel by pompous wedding dress shop owners that I was 'too large' for wedding dresses and that I would never find a dress in time, let alone one that would fit me!

Although I'm not officially seen as a 'plus size' the fact that I wasn't a size 8-10 meant I was made to feel like an alien in the wedding dress industry and was practically turned away from every shop I tried because I didn't fit their perfect mould.

I was feeling at a total loss when another bridal store informed me 'I would stand better chance at a plus size shop as its 'far easier' to make a dress smaller than it is larger' (said with disgust by the way because I'm not a size 10 remember). Gosh, I never knew the world was full of such 'perfect' size 8/10 women just rushing to buy wedding dresses - or you'd think they were by the sizes all these shops had in stock - you'd swear these shops had never seen a size 12 or 14 woman (or gasp dare I say it) any woman larger.

So I was (extremely fortunate) to be given Lynn's contacts details and told about Perfect Princess Bridal. By this point my views on wedding shops were at their lowest, and I couldn't help thinking that plus size or super skinny size, surely a wedding shop was a wedding shop - and whereever I went I was going to be met with the same attitude and turned away for similar reasons (if not for my size, then for how late I'd left it to shop).

How wrong was I!

As soon as I met Lynn I knew I had found the right place. It was like meeting an old friend you hadn't seen in ages but that you just clicked with and carried on like you'd seen them yesterday! Lynn's warm welcome and friendly persona made me feel comfortable from the word go, she was incredibly attentive, thoughtful, listening to exactly what I wanted and spending all evening helping me pick out and try on dresses.

I couldn't believe I had struck gold! I kept saying 'I never knew it would be like this' or 'so this is what wedding dress shopping is supposed to be like'. I wasn't an alien in Lynn's eyes, my size didn't even come into it. I wasn't treated any different because I was at a plus size store but not 'technically' plus size. I was simply a bride looking for her wedding dress, and Lynn was there to help me find my perfect one.

And that she did! Not only did I find my dream dress, but I met with the lovely lovely Lynn and the glorious Catherine again and again to help adjust the dress to be exactly as I envisaged it to be - the dress, and my wedding dress shopping experience with Lynn was everything I could have ever wished for it to be and more.

I wanted to run back to all the other shops 'pretty woman style' shouting 'Big mistake. Big. Huge!' from the rooftops - and then skip into the sunset with Lynn and Catherine chuckling at the other shop’s loss.

Because I HAD found my perfect dress! For my size! For my timeframe! For my wedding! But more than that, I had found two amazing individuals: Lynn and Catherine, who work tirelessly and go out of their way to make every bride feel welcome, every bride feel special, and help every bride find the dress of their dreams.

Thank you both - for not judging me, for not mocking me, for listening to what I was searching for and helping me find it, for taking me at face value and helping me out in my desperate time of need - and, for making me feel like a friend not 'just another customer'.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to any bride: plus size or not plus size - because it's the service you offer, your beautiful dresses and your amazing hospitality that matters not what number is written inside the dress.

A million thank yous from me, and from a very grateful groom who after listening to me moan for months on end about wedding shops was delighted (if not a little surprised!) when I came home from the night I met you saying not only had I found a dress, but I had actually found the perfect wedding dress shop.

You really are perfect, with a name that suitably matches xx

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