2016-01-15 - Our amazing alterations extraordinaire

Here at Perfect Princess Bridal we have the privilege of working with our amazing Catherine. She has been designing and making wedding dresses for over 30 years and she is such a fantastically lovely lady too!

We are working together on some very exciting projects, which I cannot wait to share, however we thought we would tell you about what we can offer right now.

Once you have chosen your perfect wedding dress you are more than likely to need alterations to ensure that your dress fits you perfectly and makes the absolute most out of your figure. Alterations include the length of the dress and or train, alterations to the cups, as well as taking in the waist and hips.

We are also able to offer much more than this if you need/or want it. We are able to create bespoke sleeve and strap options made out of matching lace, or other material if you wish, we can add modesty lace to cover more of your cleavage and we can add or take away as much or as little lace applique and beading as you like.

All in all Catherine is amazing and can make any alterations you wish for.

We are so grateful to have her on board and we are sure you will enjoy meeting her as much as we do working with her!

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