2015-11-17 - Alterations - Oh so important oh so forgotten

When setting a budget for your wedding dress, if you have one, it is important to consider the cost of alterations. We would like to tell you that the dress that you order will arrive, you will come in and try it on, and that’s that. However, this is very, very unlikely, sadly especially for us plus size ladies. The average size 8 is going to be pretty much the same size, but as your size goes up, so does your difference to ladies of the same size.

Some of us have larger chests and hips, others smaller chests and bigger hips, others have small waists with a perfect hour glass (very jealous). Some of us are taller, some of us are shorter, some of us are broader some of us aren’t. All in all we are all completely different. This is where it gets difficult for designers of plus size wedding dresses.

When ordering your dress we look at the size chart and pick the size that fits your, pardon the term, ‘largest area’. However this can, and often does mean that the dress is too big in other parts. It is important to realise this, as when this happens we need alterations. At the very least you are going to need the hem put to the right length so you don’t trip over on your way down the aisle. As plus size dresses often contain a lot of structure internally, including corsetry and boning, this also needs to be taken in to account.

Having said all of this do not worry, all can be resolved, to ensure that your wedding dress fits you perfectly and pulls you in at all the right places without squeezing you too tightly.

We are able to offer alterations by an absolutely amazing specialist without breaking the bank. All this sounds very expensive, but the most you are going to pay, without bespoke changes, just including what is necessary to make the dress fit perfectly is £250. We want to make all of the brides coming to visit us aware that there is a cost to alterations and this should not be ignored, but this is the very top if you need literally everything done. Prices start from as little as £20.

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