2015-11-09 - Wedding Shows - A call for plus size representatives

Since starting Perfect Princess Bridal I have been looking for every opportunity to represent plus size brides, this is the main reason that we are so pleased to be sponsoring the great event that is the British Plus Size Awards 2015.

I have however been very disappointed in the response from wedding shows that have catwalks. Having attended and/or researched options, I was hugely surprised to find that wedding shows either did not want to or ‘could not afford’ to represent plus size brides on the catwalk. One reason I was given is that plus size brides are specialists and more expensive. I do not know whether or not this is true, but it seems silly to me that just because someone is a bit larger it makes them a specialist and therefore more expensive. Plus size women are just women after all. Another excuse I was given, which I find to be most disappointing, is that one national wedding show previously had ‘a plus size bride’ but the response from boutiques was negative as they did not have any dresses for that bride to wear. This upset me for two reasons, one, that as I am a plus size specialist they would clearly have someone to put dresses on a plus size model, but two, that no boutiques exhibiting had even one plus size dress. I suppose that this is a sad reflection on the industry.

For one wedding show I was offered to put a dress on a smaller bride. Apparently as she was a 14 but tall she could be considered plus size. To me this was both ridiculous and offensive. I do not want to be disingenuous with my brides. I am a plus size specialist, so to show a size 14 in my dresses would be both wrong and difficult, considering our smallest size is 18.

I am writing this blog to let my beautiful plus size brides know that I am trying to get them represented alongside all the other brides at wedding shows and on the catwalk, and that I will not give up on this. I am also writing this blog to appeal to organisers of wedding shows. The average size for a woman in the UK is a size 16, and so to only show size 8, 10 and 12 women on the bridal catwalk is nowhere near representative of the majority of brides out there looking for their perfect wedding dress.

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