2015-10-29 - Sponsoring the British Plus Size Awards 2015

We are so excited to announce that we are sponsoring the British Plus Size Awards 2015. Not only do we get to attend the event, and meet all the wonderful people attending, but we also get to be featured on the red carpet and present an award. It is so exciting to attend such a fantastic event and show our support for all the plus size ladies out there. The next thing for me personally is to find something to wear (something I did not really consider when signing up for this). I am thinking a long evening gown but that is all I have so far, and I am hoping twitter can come up with some great suggestions.

I will be posting more about this in the coming weeks, and obviously sharing my experience from the awards itself.

If you wanted to be part of the event then you can buy individual tickets. So I may see you there.

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