2015-10-20 - Plus Size Wedding Dresses - That issue of sleeves

Something I have personal experience of, and many of my brides have mentioned to me, is the option of sleeves on their bridal gowns.

For those of you who have perfectly smooth gorgeous arms, you are very lucky. For the rest of us (who either don’t, or feel like we don’t) it is a constant consideration for what we wear every day - including our wedding day.

Being self-conscious about our arms is exacerbated by a person with a camera often being anywhere, at any time at any angle, throughout your wedding day.

When I first went looking for my plus size wedding dress I was convinced I would look terrible in any options without sleeves, but actually I was pleasantly surprised. I actually preferred myself without sleeves. I think the main reason for this, however, was that those wedding dresses with sleeves were not covering up the right areas of my arms and often made the dress look frumpy.

When looking into what offer at the boutique I spent a long time looking at all the options. I have tried to find plus size wedding dresses of all different styles, with different neck lines, and difference sleeve options, including removable sleeves. We will also be getting a whole selection of additional bridal arm cover ups into the boutique in January, including a cape from Callista (which is a particular favourite of mine). We will also be getting some plus size wedding dresses with built in longer arm options. As the sleeves are designed as part of the dress they look great as well as make you feel fabulous. There are a couple of particularly beautiful options coming in from Sacha James 2016 collection which we are very excited about.

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